“I did it – so can you!” A recent TEFL graduate shares

Name: Susanne Blöcher

Age: 22

Nationality: German

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What were you doing before your TEFL Course?

I literally jumped into the course after just having finished my Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management in Edinburgh – my graduation ball was the night before the course start in Málaga! I cannot believe that since then, only one month has passed.

Alongside my studies I had worked in Tour Operating, but never had the feeling of doing something “meaningful”. I realised that I wanted a career where you can make a visible impact and constantly interact with people – that’s when Teaching came to my mind!


What made you decide to take the TEFL Course in Malaga, Spain?

After doing some research, I quickly figured out that only an on-site certificate such as the Trinity CerTESOL would be recognised by employers worldwide.


Why Málaga? I would be lying if I said that, after years of living in Scotland, the prospect of the Costa del Sol’s eternal sunshine didn’t influence my decision. But actually it was because TEFL-in-Spain offers the unique opportunity of doing a Teaching and Marketing internship. This meant combining two areas that I am passionate about and providing me the opportunity to gain hands-on teaching experience straight after completing the certificate!

Reading all the positive testimonials on the website already made a good impression on me, which got reconfirmed during the professional selection process: a thorough Skype interview, an extensive pre-course pack to prepare future trainees, and the reassuring speed of response anytime I had questions.


How would you sum up your course experience?

... read more at tefl-in-spain.com!

Susanne Blöcher TEFL cursist
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Susanne Blöcher TEFL cursist
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