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What do you need?

  • Something to mark the field for example crayons/chalks for the tiles outside/ground
  • Ball
  • Plenty of space for a game field

How does it work?

  • 1) Start by picking even teams, team A and team B. The only limit is to the amount of people that can play is that the teams are even and there is a court or field large enough to for everyone to jump and run around. Competitively teams are held from 6 to 10 players; 6 play and the others are substitutes.
  • 2) Pick a field to play on. Basketball and volleyball courts that have no nets are great because they already have the half court line and side lines drawn out. Mark your court with the lines on four sides and one line down the middle.
  • 3) Select a ball to play with. When choosing a ball, you must take into consideration that you may be hit in the face with it. Volleyballs are very good, but any lightweight bouncing, rubber ball can do. Stay away from balls that are heavy or hard, like basketballs. On the internet you can find, if needed, true 'Dodge Balls.'
  • 4) Line team A up on one side of the court as team B lines up on the other. Flip a coin to see which team gets the ball first. The object of dodge ball is to hit the players from the other team with a direct hit of the ball before they hit all of your team. The opposing team can catch the ball and throw it quickly back at your team in the same manner, trying to hit you and your teammates.
  • 5) Describe the rules of the game before the game starts, since many of us play this game in a different way. Rules can be: players are only allowed out of bounds when they are retrieving the ball from out of bounds. Also, if a player on the opposing team throws the ball and hits a player above the head, the ball thrower is out and not the victim. Decide if time-outs are allowed. Decide what to do when someone catches the ball etc.
  • 6) The team that is the first to eliminate the other team from the field is the winner, or the last individual on the court is the winner.

What else do I need to know?
Explain the children that throwing the ball against another persons head is not good. Expell the player who does this on purpose from the game. Explain that it cabn be dangerous when someone is hit by a ball on to his head.

What is the purpose of the game?
The children learn how to play in teams and at the same time they are doing an activity outside!

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