WorldSupporter profile of cfhansum
Travel & Move: 
Cuba - Colombia - Costa Rica - Guatemala - Nicaragua - El Salvador - Honduras - Mexico - Peru - Bolivia - Israel - Palestine - Jordan - Indonesia - Europe
Experience & Leisure: 
Experiencing the richness of the world, its differences and similiarites of peoples and cultures.
Learn & Develop: 
Learning about the world - Education: International Studies specialization Middle East - Education: Tour Manager at NHTV - Seminar in Conflict Resolution Practices in Israel and Palestine
Help & Change: 
Part of tours in Israel and Palestine of " multiple narratives" showing the complexity of conflicts, while doing this I was involved in: community outreach and social enterpreneurship.
Experience with volunteering: Volunteering at La Tortuga Feliz in Costa Rica - Volunteering at Casa Maria in Sicilia
Work & Initiate: 
Studiemanager at JoHo company - Expedition Leader and Manager in Israel and Palestine of National Geographic Tours and University Seminars - Tour Manager in Peru and Bolivia
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