Photos from Nairobi, Naivasha, Tala and Mombasa


The last few years I've been traveling a lot to and through East African countries, here are some of the photos I've enjoyed taking in Kenya:

Main picture: Coffee beans that are drying in the sun at a coffee farm in Tala, Kenya.

Pic 1: There were three of these 5 meter long tables full of coffee beans drying (Tala)

Pic 2: I visited the Giraffe Centre, where visitors can (animal friendly) feed these beautiful giants. (southern Nairobi)

Pic 3: Throughout the whole country, I found these amazing flowers haging from walls.

Pic 4: Me.. at a Maasaii jewelry market. (Nairobi)

Pic 5: Hippo's! (lake Naivasha)

Pic 6: A baby elephant at the DSWT elephant orphanage (southern Nairobi)

Pic 7: Nairobi from a high rise

Pic 8: Although a beautiful picture, I don't think people should ride these kind camels on Nyali beach, Mombasa


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