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When do you need an invitation letter for your Chinese visum and how do you obtain one?

  • For most types of Chinese visa one of the requirements for application is to submit an invitation letter.
  • There are a few exceptions, for example the Chinese transit visa (with proof of a connecting flight) and the Chinese tourism visa.
  • When you travel to China as a tourist you need an invitation letter if you travel with a travel agency of when you are visiting family or friends. However, if you are an independent traveller you can choose to submit only ticket- and hotel bookings.

Should you use mobile payment in China?

Anyone who has visited China in the past years must have noticed, mobile payment is the way to go for Chinese. While mobile payment is slowly gaining ground in the West, in China this type of payment has progressed rapidly. The most used platforms are WeChat and Alipay. To pay you need to create an account and link it to your bank account. Payment is done by scanning a QR code which you can find everywhere, from small convenience shops to fancy restaurants and public transport. Chinese use it as a payment method or for transferring money.


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