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Whether you use the summaries to keep up with the material from the beginning of the block, or to learn at the last minute if you failed your resolutions: JoHo & Dimensie will assist you in studying for your exams Check the available and expected JoHo summaries for your study(year) for the com...


Together with Dimensie we are able to provide summaries for one of the upcoming theory exams in your second module! And it gets even better: to celebrate our new partnership we can provide them for free! Just come by in the Rubix and pick them up when you also pick up books! There is only a limited ...


Welcome students! Starting in November: SV Dimensie and JoHo WorldSupporter will start working together in order to provide you the best possible summaries in the most affordable and accesible way. We'll start in Quartile 2 with a (free) pilot for first years students: you can pick up free copies of...

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