Southern American habits

Southern American habits


Habits and philosophies from all around South America


Habits in Argentina

Habits in Argentina


  • To me, tango is not just a dance. The tango is sensitive and it is based on improvisation. When going to tango events, I always wish to be more feminine in life. Dancing through life with high heels and a nice dress. In Buenos Aires they dance on the streets, like it is common to dance the salsa in Cuba on the streets. Can’t wait to join!


  • An Argentinan habit is to eat a lot of meat. Asado is a way of preparing, barbecue style.


  • Clap your hands, when you like to enter a house, most of the time there is no doorbell and even when there is, still clap.


  • A comedor is a small restaurant, where you can eat what the people in Argentina eat! Most of the time a huge traditional meal is served with bread.


  • Who has not heard of the gauchos? The gauchos are a mix between cowboys and Indians. They travel through the country on a horse.

    Mate with Yerba

    • More and more popular and well know in other countries besides Argentina is Mate with Yerba. It is a kind of tea drunk with a straw.

    Merienda time

    • The time, it is the time when it is time for snacks! Snacks are regularly on the menu.


    • Polo is played in Argentina. It is hockey played on a horse. The best teams are from Buenos Aires

    Round and round

    • A round with the dog, it is common on a Sunday to walk or drive in the car the same round in the village, to meet neighbors and friends on the same streets.


    • My favorite wine is Malbec. The roots of the wine are from France. Malbec is a huge success in Argentina and is now a days synonymous with Argentina. 

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