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Inspired by Staycations, see my former blog. And now inspired by a story of my friend in the Philippines. The lockdown is very strict and with christmas being there soon, people in the Philippines meet each other. They meet each other Online through Zoom meetings. They have dinners together. T...

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Questions before setting up a project abroad

  • Are you willing to commit yourself for a long time?
  • Do you have enough of basic finances to start your NGO?
  • Do you have enough time to keep coordinating things and can you get help of the people around you?
  • Are you will...

Sustainability seeds and effects

Sustainability Looking back at 2017, focussing on the positive. I have been asked to talk, and sometimes even as a Keynote Speaker on Conferences. My talks are about Sustainability. I did some research and taught myself all about Sustainability. It was a journey and I would like to share that with y...

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WorldSupporter is a fast growing platform with more than 40.000 contributions. How can you filter out the content of your interests? There are three main functions available: following your favorite Supporters, search filters at overview pages, and Category pages. Following Supporters WHY: A common ...

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What makes a good leader? - Chapter 6

In most studies, it is assumed that leadership is something that is learned. Leaders' behaviors can be divided into two broad categories: initiating structure and consideration. A takeaway of this chapter is that leaders need to be flexible and adapt to both followers and the situation they are in. ...

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