Vegetarian falafel recipe with a Filipino twist

Filipino Falafel made with your senses

Really didnt know it was so easy to make your own falafel.... From Paulines Keuken. And I twisted it and made my own. I still miss the Philippines and a mango chutney is always good. 

Actually I personally really like Pauline's recipes, since the recipes are easy, simple and tastefull. She has a lot of worldy recipes, from all over the world. 

Check it out, the falafel, even though I cooked them (you only have to soak them, better for the climate and gasbill), no need next time.

Next time I will make a photo. Why I made it filipino is because all ingredients are easy to find in the Philippines and also very affordable and easy and healthy. Only advantages. In the Philippines people love to eat meat, so this might be inspirational to eat vegetarian! 

Mango chutney: just get a mango, cut in pieces, fry in a pan with garlic, onion and ginger. All flavors will come out, when you fry it, put some lemon when you like a little sour and some pepper. It just have to be shortly on the fire, get the texture you like.... and it is done. It is called cooking with your senses, take the amounts you think are right and they are never wrong!

Happy to hear your comments, do you have worldly, easy-going, climate friendly, simple recipes to share? 



Type of Meal: 
Side dishes
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