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Tweedejaars student Psychologie aan de Universiteit van Leiden. Bachelor Media, Informatie en Communicatie aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam behaald.
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My Latest Activity
  • HC 4 Sexual Dysfunction in female 
  • HC 5 Sexual Dysfunctions in male
  • HC 6.1 Sexology Research 
  • HC 7.1 Gender Dysphoria (GD)
  • HC 7.2 Paraphilic disorders
  • HC 8.1 Sexual Abuse
  • HC 8.2 Sex offender treatment 
  • ...

Lecture 6: Cultural Aspects of Clinical Neuropsychology
  • How can culture affect neuropsychological function?
  • How does culture influence neuropsychological assessment?
  • Illiteracy
  • Effects of being in a minority group 
  • Implications for clinical practice
  • Aging, prevalence of MCI and dementia
Lecture 5: Intercultural communication in serious illness
  • What is serious illness is and what the role of communication in serious illness is
  • Cultural differences in serious illness perceptions
  • Cultural differences in patients' need to know
  • Cultural differences in patient's need to feel known
  • What i...

Lecture 1: Introduction, Methods and Development
  • Culture: what is it?
  • Development
  • Research methods
  • Overall considerations
  • Health and Illness: positive concept of health and negative concepts of disease/ illness/ sickness are defined differently in different cultures!  Culture influences...

Latest Activity of My Favorites
Study guide with Cognition by Chun and Most - 2023/2024

Study guide with Cognition Summaries and study assistance with the 1st edition of Cognition

  • Expected May 20th: Dutch Booksummaries with Cognition by Chun and Most
  • Expected May 27th: English Booksummaries with Cognition by Chun and Most
  • For all available summaries, bulletpo...