Happiness quotes & statements from around the world

Happiness quotes & statements from around the world

ImageQuotes & Statements from around the world about a meaningful & happy life and how to stay happy

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De twelve elements of sustainable happiness and contentment

De twelve elements of sustainable happiness and contentment: contentions

Contentions are those elements (values) that lead to a satisfied life, a satisfied group or a satisfied society.These are elements that play a role in the degree of satisfaction you could have as a person or as a group of people (organization, family). These elements have been in literature since ancient times. They are regarded as crucial and determining elements in the context of happiness and contentment. The main contentions include:

The Happiness Advantage

Who are the happiest people in the world? When I was living in the Philippines, to me the filipinos were the happiest or seemed the happiest. And I have traveled a lot. The filipinos themselves, also said to me, multiple times, different people, they were the happiest in the world. Time for me to dive more into the topic Happiness. My good friend Rebie Ramoso, who to me is an example who always thinks about others and helps others, using her own skills (design and creativity, she is an artist). She advised me to read this book, instead I watched the TED-talk by Shawn Achor. The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.

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