Bundle: Why and how to add a WorldSupporter Bundle?

What is a Bundle and how can I add one?

What are WorldSupporter Bundles?

  • Bundles function somewhat similar to Magazines but are visually more basic
  • You start with a brief description of the content that you are bringing together
  • You are given three options to show content that you want to bundle: links, teaser of full content
    • Links: Your collection of content will be shown as a list of links
    • Teaser: Your collection of content will be shown in short summaries, stimulating people to continue reading elsewhere
    • Full content: The bundled content will be readable at this one page, your readers don't have to navigate elsewhere.
  • A bundle makes it easier for users to navigate from one page to another, because below a page that you have added to a bundle a automated back link is created.

How to use this tool?

  • Create your own Bundle from content shared by others, by yourself or a mix of both.
  • This tool offers a basic structured overview of content
  • Step 1: Log in and Create a new Bundle
  • Step 2: Connect your previously added content to your Bundle by typing a key word in the 'resources' field
  • Alternative to Step 2: When you want to add content by other Supporters to your Bundle you need to go to those specific pages and click on the 'save for later' button at the bottom of each contribution
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