Summaries: what are WorldSupporter Summaries ans Study Notes, and how to create or use them?

What types of summaries and study assistance does WorldSupporter offer?

Summaries and study materials can be found in 6 different forms:

  • Book summaries: give you insight into the main and side issues of the most essential and current literature in your field
  • BulletPoint Summaries: ultra-short summaries displayed in bullets
  • Article summaries: summaries of scientific articles that you will use during and after your studies
  • ExamTickets: consist of short bullets with subject-oriented exam tips and sample questions, so that you know what you have to learn and how you should study
  • ExamTests: consist of bundles of exam and practice questions that provide extra understanding, test your knowledge and give insight into the way in which an exam will be taken
  • Study Notes & Sheets:  summaries of lectures, working groups that give you more insight into what is considered important by teachers.

Why add a Summary or Study Note?

  • This content type allows you to explain a certain subject. This can be based on your own texts or on summarized versions of study material
  • Many Supporters use this content type for university course material, but feel free to use it as a broad tool for knowledge transfer
  • Always make sure that you do not violate copyright if you use material from others and make good use of source listings

How to add a Summary or Study Note?

  • tip 1: by adding category tags your content will be easier to find by people with similar interests that not yet follow your account
  • tip 2: bring several summaries together and create easier navigation for yourself and your followers
  • tip 3: add an image in the 'image' field, because it will be used to highlight your contribution on your profile and other spotlight locations on WorldSupporter. Without an image your avatar will be used for these purposes.

Where to find or read more about Summaries or Study Notes

Where to add Summaries or Study Notes?


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