How to find new content that fit your personal interests on WorldSupporter?

WorldSupporter is a fast growing platform with more than 40.000 contributions. How can you filter out the content of your interests? There are three main functions available: following your favorite Supporters, search filters at overview pages, and Category pages.

Following Supporters

WHY: A common way browsing a social platform is to follow profiles that published interesting content before or that you know from the real world. Fellow students, your favorite volunteer foundation or a Supporter that published that great travel advice is more likely to publish interesting new contributions than other Supporters

HOW: Just below the profile picture on both the profile page and all contributions (blogs, summaries, recipes, media...) you will find the 'Follow' button. Notice that this button can only be used when you have created a WorldSupporter profile and you have logged in. All supporter that you have selected will be listed on your profile page. Their latest contributions will appear directly on you profile page, devided per contribution type. From now on you will notice new contributions directly on your profile page. There is no e-mail notification system connected to following Supporters.

To unfollow Supporters you just have to click the same button once more. Supporters are not notified when you start or stop following them.

Search Filters

WHY: The search filters allow all visitors to find contribution on specific subject. The search results often lead you to new Supporters that might be interesting to follow. The down side of the search filters is that you will only find results on terms that you fill in and that are used in titles. Interesting contributions with other keywords in their title will easely be overlooked.

HOW: On top of all overview pages and on your profile you will see a set of six buttons. Use the red 'Search' button to go straight to the search filter at the bottom of the page. You can search for profiles (user name) or content (title). When you enter multiple keywords to find content the filter will only show exact matches.

On top of the "Summaries & Study notes" overview page you will find a more elaborate search filter in which you can filter content by city/country; by institution/university; by field of study; and by language. Adding multiple filters result in very specific search results, please realise that Supporters not always add all related categories so content is wrongly filtered out of your search results.

Category Pages

WHY: While adding new contributions a Supporter is asked to categorise (tag) his or her content. When you find a contribution interesting or usefull, the category page(s) connected to this contribution will probably contain more interesting stories, suggestions and supply & demand.

HOW: The selected categories are shown on the right side of the contributions. Clicking on the category link will lead you to the Category Overview page. All content labelled with the selected category is listed, devided per contribution type. Beware that content published on WorldSupporter before 2017 is poorly labeled but can still be relevant for your subject of interest

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