Travel to Bahrain to backpack, study, intern, volunteer, work or live as a digital nomad, expat or emigrant?

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Intro: life and experiences in Bahrain

Traveling and backpacking in Bahrain

  • Bahrain is an archipelago of islands in the Persian Gulf and the smallest nation in the Middle East. The archipelago consists of 33 islands connected by bridges. The landscape of these islands consists mainly of cultivation and desert land. Bahrain is a good diving destination because of the pearl oysters, dugongs (seacows), sea turtles, coral reefs and various sea creatures and fish you can encounter.
  • Backpacking: not a backpacker destination but worth visiting during a trip through the Middle East.

Working and digital nomadding in Bahrain

  • Bahrain has long been known as an “expat paradise.
  • Particularly in the financial, construction and oil industries, there are very well-paid jobs to be found. Other jobs include tourism, education and sometimes retail in shopping malls.
  • Location: Manama is not only the capital, but also a base for many digital nomads.
  • Also check remote and online working from abroad.

Living in Bahrain

  • Living: it is a fairly stable country, the smallest nation in the Middle East, and always ranking very high in the lists of favorite expat countries.
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