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Been planing my summer travels and looking at blogs here on Worldsupporter to find inspiration from people who've been to awesome places! This summer I'm traveling over land from Kigali, Rwanda to Johannesburg, South Africa! Please comment me your tips!


Velen van ons dromen ervan om hun vaste baan op te zeggen, te stoppen met de 9-tot-5-sleur, de koffers te pakken en het avontuur op te zoeken.   Warner Bros Nederland zoekt mensen die aan de vooravond staan van een bijzondere emigratie. Wij zoeken verhalen van avonturiers die hun huis en haard ...

Mt Bromo

Gisteren naar de Bomo bergen in Indonesie geweest. Deze vulkaan is nog steeds een van de meest actieve ter wereld, laatste uitbarsting was in 2016!


Learn & Study Updates In Spotlight
Part Time TEFL in Spain Course

From 7th March – 29th April we ran our first part-time Trinity CertTESOL Course in Malaga. The part-time option turned out to be very popular so we were fully booked with 15 trainees. This blog is by one of our graduates, Jeannette Bouwer, about how she experienced the course. An eno...

Sending Course Manuals

For the quality of the book summaries, bullet points and exercises it's important for Joho to have the right information about the content of the exam. Every semester, I send my Course Manuals to Joho. This allows them to help students study correctly, without mistakes.


Work & Live abroad Updates In Spotlight

Input from the Philippines I have written a book about the Philippines and a woman who asks herself is she able to help others or is she able to help herself. I would like to share more about this topic, the book about the Philippines. It is called Mango & Slippers. Mango is in it, since th...

anderen geïnspireerd iets te doen voor de wereld om je heen...

anderen geïnspireerd iets te doen voor de wereld om je heen door verhalen, foto Manila Bulletin - Today I was interviewed by Manila Bulletin, the youth section about Smokey Tours. As a WorldSupporter try to inspire others to do something good and to start the chain of change. How the reporter w...