Update: why and how to add an WorldSupporter Update?

Why are you making an update?

  • An Update is a content form for short pieces of text. A quick way to share a message.
  • Updates give other WorldSupporters insight into your activities on the WorldSupporter platform and beyond
  • You write an Update to inform your followers about an activity you have carried out, content that you have added to WorldSupporter or, for example, to draw extra attention to an event.
  • Updates are also useful if, for example, you don't have time to write a more extensive text.

Examples of Updates are:

  • 'I have just added the latest criminal procedure law board to the other colleges. Note: This lecture contains a number of references to frequently asked exam questions'
  • Last weekend I raised money with my fraternity for our annual donation to a primary school in South Africa. We have already counted 465 euros!'
  • 'I just started a new Journal to collect all the information about my trip to New Zealand'

How do you make an update?

  • Use the following shortcut => add/update
  • Or go to the overview of your previous and your favorite updates on your profile page.
  • At the bottom of that overview is a button to add a new Update



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