How do you prepare for your exams in the coming period?

Whether you use the summaries to keep up with the material from the beginning of the block, or to learn at the last minute if you failed your resolutions: JoHo & VIP will assist you in studying for your exams

Check the available and expected JoHo summaries for your study (year) for the coming block:

  • (Dutch) Year 1: Ontwikkelingspsychologie; Sociale en cross-culturele psychologie; Gespreks- en groepsvaardigheden
  • (Dutch) Year 2: Klinische psychologie; Sociale omgeving en gedrag; Statistiek III
  • (English) Year 1: Developmental psychology; Social and cross-cultural psychology
  • (English) Year 2: Social environment and behaviour; Statistics III
  • Year 3: Practically all elective courses
  • Masters: various booksummaries

Check the online Toolshops for all published and expected summaries and study assistance via


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