Mango & Slippers

Input from the Philippines

I have written a book about the Philippines and a woman who asks herself is she able to help others or is she able to help herself. I would like to share more about this topic, the book about the Philippines. It is called Mango & Slippers. Mango is in it, since the national fruit is mango. And everyone is saying, there is nothing sweeter than a filipino mango. Slippers are in it, since you are able to walk on slippers, the year around. That would not be possible (for me in countries where it is too cold to wear slippers in the winter).

Status of the book: written

Real Status: far from done, it is just starting

I will keep the goal in mind, and will start with starting, discipline and focus on the end advice... after the booklaunch, there is more. First the booklaunch, aaaaahhhh.

7 advices after your booklaunch, given by Pumbo, they help people who would like to publish a book. I like Pumbo, they give very concrete advice on a lot of different topics. And for me so needed, every advice, since I have finished writing my book. It is done! But it is not done, the hardest part starts now. Luckily I have found an editor, and I have found a dutch editor too. Both professionals, and both friends. Now the logo and marketing materials, I have found a friend too, or he found me and offered his help. So what is wrong? What is sitting in the way (is this a typical dutch translation made in english, if you know what I mean), my english is deteriorating, that is the next issue.

I just have to (find the motivation again and) finish Mango & Slippers.

My questions to you: Anyone else writing a book? 

What do you think of the title of the book (refering to the Philippines, see above): Mango & Slippers?

Pumbo says: A word or sentence, consisting of two parts which seem to have nothing in common with each other, will be easy to remember and is suitable as a book title. 



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