Sining Kamalig Boxless Society For ABS CBN Mission Possible

January 23,2019 the Boxless society under sining kamalig has been featured in Abs Cbn's public service program hosted by Mr. Julius Babao this program aims to help people who think the situation they are in is beyond hopeless. So Mr. Julius babao conducted interview with Dana (Artist) and Ms. Lucylle , the whole interview is about the Boxless society it's a mental health support group for the artists and one of this artist is Ms. Dana she explained how Arts and this support group helped her in life and so on. at the end of interview she says that she's really grateful for Lucylle and Simoun introducing arts to her . For her "Arts" indeed helped her to cope up in life, before the team leave we took a photo together with Simoun, Dana, Reese, Lucylle and Mr. Julius Babao. 

It's a must see episode especially for the artists out there! 



Hi Deanne, Nice, when will it be featured? Please share the link with us. How could Dina communicate, since she is besides mentally ill also deaf?

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