Quarkus Update

Play it Safe, Play it Different, Play it Smart

As a social enterpreneur, I think you are always thinking how you can reach more like-minded people. How to do your Marketing in a Smart way? 

Even though I havent done any Marketing education, it often comes down to: Check your network, check the people around you, check and remember who wants to help you. Go out of your comfort zone, try things you havent done before.

The last couple of months, we have been partnering with Companies to make Smokey Dogs, Smokey Discounts, Smokey Cocktails, Smokey Dishes, Smokey pasta and all other things that can be Smokey. Referring to Smokey Tours of course.

One day, not long ago. I was thinking about my friend Rebie, she educates people from poor communities to make bags. Wraps, storage bags, foldable bags, convertable bags, gearbags, organisors, laptop bags.

Why not partner, give all people who buy an amazing Quarkus Bag, market one of our Smokey Tours and get 15% off. Easy does it! And so it was. Now we are in Six Stores, all over Metro Manila. 

Check it out: http://www.quarkus.net.

Thanks Rebie, to all like-minded people, in a way, Played it Safe. 


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