Our first Part-time TEFL Course

From 7th March – 29th April we ran our first part-time Trinity CertTESOL Course in Malaga. The part-time option turned out to be very popular so we were fully booked with 15 trainees. This blog is by one of our graduates, Jeannette Bouwer, about how she experienced the course.

An enormous change in my life

My love of teaching and of Malaga, these were the main reasons why I chose to do a course at TEFL in Spain. I love to teach but I’m not a very good, and lazy student myself and when I saw that TEFL in Spain offered a part-time TEFL course to become a teacher in two months I decided to register.

I was mesmerised by this enormous change in my life. At 56, after having worked at an Amsterdam based newspaper for 22 years, I was a student now, living in Málaga. The first week was tough, not being a native English speaker I had to push myself to the limit.

But how wonderful it was to meet fourteen co students, our professional and highly qualified tutors John Duthie and Charles Marshall and the rest of the TEFL Staff! I enjoyed going to class, and watching Málaga come to life in the early mornings was like a dream come true. The support I received from my fellow native English students was unbelievable, and the encouragement provided by the expert tutors was outstanding.

One of the appealing features of the TEFL in Spain course was the practical component of teaching real students. Being thrown to the wolves from the very start was challenge but the teaching practice was invaluable. Meeting the Spanish students and teaching them was un unforgettable experience.

The Trinity way hands you so many effective tools to become a professional English language trainer, both in class and private teaching. The method is applicable for any foreign language teaching process. Despite having taught in Holland before, I had never structured my lessons like this.

The two months at the TEFL institute were a prolific period of my life and offered me a range of prospects for a new future. Regarding my future plans and greatest dream, teaching children in Malaga, I also applied for the Teaching Young Learners course at the TEFL institute and I am really looking forward to it.

I thought I would never have been capable of doing a course like this but thanks to my excellent teachers John and Charles I now am a certified teacher.

I highly recommend this course, it was one of the most challenging periods in my life but the acquired knowledge and the life long friendship with the staff and my fellow students enriched my life.

Read more at tefl-in-spain.com!


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