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This is a summary of the book Understanding human sexuality by Hyde and DeLamater. The book is about topics ranging from sex is different cultures to sexual disfunctions. The book is used in the course 'Sexology' at the university of Amsterdam. Because of this only the chapters needed for this cours...

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Freud described the human personality as being divided in three major parts. These are:

  • The id The part of personality containing the libido The basic part of personality and is present at birth Basically operates on the pleasure principle
  • The ego The part of the personality that h...


Freud believed that the child passes through a series of stages of development. In each stage a different erogenous zone is in focus Erogenous zones: areas of the body that are particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation. Freud saw the libido as being focused in these zones.

  • Oral stage La...

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