London climate action week
26-06-2021 to 04-07-2021

Harnessing the power of London

London Climate Action Week (LCAW) is an annual event bringing together world leading array of climate professionals and communities.

Founded in 2019 LCAW has become the largest independent climate change event in Europe and hosted over 200 events with 40K attendees at its last virtual event in November 2020. LCAW aims to influence and shape global climate action but is also rooted in the reality of London as a global City. LCAW aims to be a catalyst to help London accelerate its transformation towards a net zero, equitable and resilient future.

You can find out more on the LCAW event page here

date: 26 June - 4th July | 2021

Location: London | Digital/Virtual online event

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26-06-2021 to 04-07-2021