Gender Equality

Gender Equality 2020

As a participatory conference, Gender Equality and YOU brought together 250 participants from all over Europe to take part in an open dialogue on the future of gender equality in the EU. The event has been prepared together with young people in a series of workshops, to identify the topics that shaped the agenda of the conference.

The conference will take place on two days: Day 1 is dedicated to getting to know each other and the aims of our conference. Participants will be introduced to the focus topics and then will find their breakout session and/or harvesting team for Day 2.

Day 2 focuses on developing concrete in depth visions, actions and contributions on the focus topics within the six parallel breakout sessions. Insights and results will be shared in dialogue sessions among participants of the conference and the ministerial meetings that take place parallel.

Location: TBA 2020

Date: TBA 2020

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