Program Coordinators Online Education on Bali

Edumatic is looking for Program Coordinators to help run our trips.

If you know anyone (or you are someone) that would love to be paid to travel the world and impact the lives of young and adventurous online students, then this might be a job for them!

Further details of the role will be distributed to applicants, but briefly we're looking for people with:
* 6+ months travel experience
* 1+ month spent in Bali
* Passion for our mission
* Demonstrable professional experience in one of the following:
      * Social Media Management
      * Copywriting
      * Videography / Photography
      * Project / Event Management
      * Youth counselling / coaching (young adults preferred, but teenagers is also somewhat relevant)
Personal Qualities:
* Extreme levels of 
      * Empathy
      * Self Awareness
      * Comfort in their own skin
* Extroverted
* Happy-go-lucky
* Natural Leader
* Capacity for reflective conversation
The role is similar to that of a summer camp counsellor, only the campers are 19-25 years old, all studying something online, and are in Bali (and other locations) instead of a campsite.
It's a part time commitment, so is perfect for someone with an existing side-hustle, or even is an online student themselves.
You must be available to start 1st of April and willing (and able) to travel at least 6+ months a year.
Again, if this sounds perfect for you (or someone you know), please contact me on here or at
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