Support wildlife and take care of animals in a rehabilitation center in the Amazon rainforest

Werkzaamheden in het kort: o.a.

  • Daily care taking of animals in the rehabilitation center
  • Monitoring wildlife well-being 
  • Observing various animals, such as primates and parrots

Competenties die je kunt opdoen en andere voordelen: o.a.

  • Skills: initiative, meeting standards, persistence, proactive thinking, project and goal focus
  • Work together with commited international wildlife volunteers, volunteer accommodation is available
  • Possibility to do research and to perform extra tasks related to fundraising and online social media awareness

Competenties die je nodig hebt en andere voorwaarden: o.a.

  • Skills: flexibility, creativity, self-confidence, personal drive, pratical thinking
  • Fair knowledge of English (and/or Spanish)
  • Experience or qualifications within wildlife work is desirable, but not essential


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