Manage a safarilodge in a South African nature reserve

Werkzaamheden in het kort: o.a.

  • Contribute to the daily management routines of the safari lodge
  • Contribute to a pleasant stay for the guests and the maintenance of the lodge, and the maintenance of the land
  • After a training period you will function in an independent team that supports the management

Competenties die je kunt opdoen en andere voordelen: o.a.

  • You gain unique experience in business and develop intercultural skills
  • You have the chance to (temporarily) to build a new life in South Africa
  • Competences that you can acquire and develop are: leadership, vision, self-confidence, environment consciousness, purposefullness.

Competenties die je nodig hebt en andere voorwaarden: o.a.

  • Competences you need: reliability, flexibility, perseverance, independent, technical and communication skills
  • You are hospitable, like to take care of the guests and arrange everything behind the scenes for them.
  • Experience with the hospitality industry is an advantage and you need to feel comfortable living in a remote area.


* This vacancy is one of the many organisations that offers paid work, internships or volunteerwork abroad and that you can find through JoHo.
* For more information about this vacancy check out the Werken & Vacatures in het buitenland page on

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