3rd Africa-Europe Youth Leaders Summit
31-03-2014 to 02-04-2014

The 3rd Africa-Europe Youth Leaders Summit is being organized in the framework of the Joint Africa-EU strategy, as a side event to the upcoming Africa-EU Heads of State Summit in April.

This event will gather 70 young representatives of African and European youth organisations to address the regional and global issues being considered at the Heads of State and Government Summit and enhance Youth meaningful participation in the Africa-Europe cooperation, contributing to the further development of the Africa-EU strategic partnership.

The Summit will be held under the theme, 'People, Prosperity and Peace' and amongst other objectives will seek to strengthen youth interventions in the furthering of the ideals of the Joint Africa Europe Strategy (JAES), furthermore the youth leaders of the two continent will be deeply engaged in defining the future issues that face our generation.

Through this event, we, the young people, intend to obtain concrete and realistic results to contribute to the Africa-Europe cooperation with clearly defined projects, structuring proposals and opportunities for youth and youth organizations.

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31-03-2014 to 02-04-2014