La Tomatina - the world's biggest food fight

Did you enjoy having secret food fights as a child? You can relive the thrill of throwing food but in a completely socially acceptable way at Spain's La Tomatina festival. Also known as the world's biggest food fight. On the day of La Tomatina, usually in August, approximately 40 tonnes of tomatoes are delivered to the city, which you can basically throw at everyone and anyone around. The event has been around since the 1940s, but has now grown into an international festival with visitors coming from all over the world. 

It is common to dress in white. A tip is to make sure you have something you can protect your eyes with and wear clothes and shoes you feel ok to throw away afterwards.

In 2021 the festival has been cancelled due to the coronavirus. The next La Tomatina is now scheduled for August 2022. You can already order tickets online.

Have you ever visited La Tomatina? Share you experience or tips in a comment!

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La Tomatina
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