New Japanese Restaurant in Utrecht

A couple of years ago Don Dining Kounosuke opened in Utrecht. A traditional Japanese restaurant, with a Japanese owner and Japanese staff. They serve delicious Japanese donburi, ricebowl with a variety of toppings. I went their for my 25th birthday and had an amazing dinner! The vegan options were great and my family was excited about the non-vegan options as well. Luckily, the rest of Utrecht appreciated this traditional Japanese food as well, leading to the recent opening of a second restaurant; Japanese Lounge Kakunosuke. This lounge is quite different from Kounosuke. Instead of a regular restaurant, it offer more tapas-like dishes combined with Japanese cocktails and other drinks. I haven't been there yet, but I can't wait to try there awesome Japanese menu sometime soon. After that, I'll let you know how it was! :)

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