Must visit: Semuc Champey

On your way from Tikal to the Western Highlands Semuc Champey ("Where the river hides under the stones") is a must-stop for some hours. Semuc Champey is a natural monument near Maya town of Lanquín.

  • Try to catch a (mini)bus from Coban to Semuc Champey directly, or to Lanquín .
  • Semuc Champey consists of a natural limestone bridge under which passes the Cahabón River. 
  • You'll find stepped, turquoise pools, that form a popular swimming attraction.
  • Of course swimming is the main activity at Semuc Champey, but it's also great to explore the nearby water cave, or tube down the Cahabon River.
  • Lanquin offers quite some low-budget hostels (although price tend to rise) and comedores.

Photos by Zephyr lodge in Lanquín

Zwemmen bij Semuc Champey

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