On your way to Guatemala: plan a stopover

When travelling from e.g. Europe to Guatemala, you will probably not fly on a direct flight to GUA, Guatemala City.

  • Try to book a flight ticket that allows you to make a stopover in for example the USA (Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami) or Mexico (Mexico-City).
  • Check your ticket conditions, maybe you'll have to choose a ticket that's a bit more expensive to allow a stopover for a few days
  • Great way to discover a bit more, before heading to the centre of the Maya's!

Photo By Vmzp85 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Guatemala, land of Maya people, mysterious traditions and amazing landscapes.

Quite a while ago ;-) I stayed in Guatemala for about six months, to do my traineeship at Inguat, the Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo. Since then I follow this country and read and write about it.

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