Don't forget this fun gadget!

Being able to capture some of your experiences while traveling is always nice if you want to relive certain moments a few months/years later. And why shouldn't you be able to relive the fun times that did not provide the best circumstances for your regular camera? So don't forget one of these:

- an underwater/dustproof camera or a waterproof case for your phone or regular camera

Personally, I use a 'GoPro camera', there are various series available in different price ranges - but there are many more low-and high-end brands with good quality stuff. I used to doubt if I should buy an underwater camera, but boy am I happy that I did! The specific one that I bought fits in my pocket and is not only handy for when I'm swimming in the ocean, or paddling in a kayak, it's also great for when I'm visiting a country during rain season or when I'm going on a hike in a dusty and sandy area - circumstances that my regular camera wouldn't survive.


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