How to make a statement?

You can make your own statement or use a quote. A statement on WorldSupporter has two main purposes: (1) starting a discussion or (2) sharing a thought to inspire others

  • To start a discussion a statement preferably contains a short statement followed by the arguments in favor or against this statement.
  • Return to your statement several times during the discussion to moderate the contributions
  • A shared thought or quote will show on your personal profile and temporarily on the personal profiles of people who follow you 

How can I make a statement?

  • Choose the 'add new statement' which is shown below the overviews of other statement on your personal magazine, the homepage magazine, or most other magazines highlighted in the main navigation menu
  • Fill in your statement in the 'title' field
  • Choose the desired 'Access & Privacy' level. Note that even on 'public' statements the 'contribution' part is only open for registered users to avoid anonymous feedback
  • Select the different categories that apply to your statement
  • Use the 'body' field to elaborate on your statement
  • With the 'media' field you can add a picture to support your statement
  • With the 'resources' field you can add one of your other WorldSupporter constributions (these will allow others to navigate to that content as well)
  • Choose 'Save'

How can I get my statement in the Spotlight?

  • After placing your statement it will automatically show on:

    • your Personal Magazine (user page - left colomn)
    • the Personal Magazine of the Supporters who follow you (right colomn)
    • on the Statements main magazine in the right colomn you will be listed in the 'most recent' section
  • You can also try others to 'flag' your statement as 'favorite' by advertising your page through other social media
  • Statements can also be selected for the general WorldSupporter magazine by JoHo when the statement is very original or the discussion about your statement is in depth and lively.



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