Volunteers needed in the field of regenerative agroforestry

reNature is a Dutch initiative to make the world a little greener again. In many countries intensive and or monoculture agriculure have degraded the soil. Through training of farmers and local organisations reNature tries to change the way farmers use their land. Agroforestry is their solution. By planting trees in combination with other crops the soil will be more resilient against drought, have rain and erosion. Agricultural land that has bevome unproductive can be restored with this method. On model farms reNature shows the result: higher and more diverse income and a vast incline of biodiversity. On model schools they teach farmers how to handle the transition from old school to new school agriculture

reNature offers several opportunities to become a volunteer (also online). If you get inspired by renatureing the world and are inpired to make this world green, inclusive, complete and rich again, you are welcome to sign-up. Since they focus on agroforestry a certain level of prior knowledge will open up more opportunities. If you wish to engage in field work a minimum availability of one month is required. Want to know more about opportunities around the world? Get in contact

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Online Volunteering opportunities around the globe

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