Supply: Long Pulse Pleated Bag Filter

Long Pulse Pleated Bag Filter

DGC- K type Long Pulse Pleated Bag Filter

Quick Details
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
Brand Name: DGC FILTER
Model: K TYPE
Type: Mesh Filter Bag, Pleated Filter Bag
Usage: Dust Filter
Material Of Bag: Polyester
Color: White/Yellow
Media: 100% Polyester
Option: Water & oil repellent treatment
Install: Top Loading
Filter Top: Galvanized/ Powder coating
Bottom: Galvanized/ Powder coating
Inner Core: Perforated/Diamond Metal
Snap Band: Available
Name: Donaldson /BHA /GE
Industry Long Pleated Filter Bag Cartridge

Type of Supply or Demand: 
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