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Volunteering at CHD has truly been one of the most meaningful and unforgettable experiences of my entire life. Coming here has made me realize how much joy and beauty there really is in being a child, even in such a remote and overlooked region in this world such as Po Village in Takeo, Cambodia. The smiles we are greeted with each day that just express pure joy and gratitude make the experience extremely rewarding, and seeing the progress of the kids develop their English skills make it even more so. The enthusiasm that these children show for their education has been very eye-opening for me and has made me value education in general to a much greater degree. Talking with and learning about the wonderful school director Sokha has been truly inspiring and showed me the true meaning of resilience, simplicity, and service to others. I have learned many things from my experience at CHD, but perhaps the most profound things I will take away is that the act of selflessness is really one of the best things you can do for yourself, as well as the world around you.

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