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Become a World Summary Bank Ambassador by joing Joseph as a WorldSupporter Volunteer.

Joseph Kiponda is the World Study Bank ambassador in Kenia. Joseph studied at the Pwani University College, a constituent college of Kenyatta University. He has a First class Bachelor of Education degree. His specialities are Kiswahili and History. Joseph has a special interest in reading and writing and is in the process of publishing an anthology of Swahili poems which he has written.

Joseph promotes the use of World Summary Bank summaries, he inquires into the need and availability of study assistance materials and  recruits and manages the Kenian World Summary Bank authors.

Interested in becoming a World Summary Bank ambassador? Send an email to info@joho.org.

There is also an opportunity for students based in the Netherlands to combine being an ambassador for the World Summary Bank and doing an internship in the Philippines or elsewhere worldwide. The internship will consist of a certain period abroad and a few months preparation in the Netherlands.

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