Go teach basketball in Guiyang, Chengdu or Nanning
  • Wanted: Basketball Coach
  • Location: China; Guiyang city, Chengdu city, Nanning city
  • Tasks:
    • teach basketball
    • coach basketball teams
    • follow regular teaching training, provided by the school
  • Competencies to develop & other benefits:
    • creativity, flexibility, people reading, practical thinking, realistic expectations
    • monthly salary, housing allowance, paid annual leave, teaching training, optional bonuses
    • reimbursement of the flight cost after the first 6 months of employment;
  • Competencies needed and other requirements:
    • attitude towards others, commitment to the job, reliability, developing others, enjoyment of the job, initiative
    • bachelor degree in sports
    • relevant basketball coaching experience & basketball coaching diploma
    • good English communication skills
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basketball coach


My name is Nima Bakhshi.I am ex player of Iran basketball junior national team.I've been playing in Iran super-league since 2007.I have basketball coach license 3rd degree and i established my own basketball academy in 2017 ,my id is Bakhshibasketballschool on Instagram .I am graduated in sport management in master degree.I also attended many basketball tournaments abroad and i love teaching and working with kids and youth.I applied this job because i want to show my potential in teaching basketball.

Basketball Coach

Hello, my name is Sergei Ivanov.
I am a Certified Basketball Coach.
After looking my portfolio, you will understand that I am enthusiastic, playing, and big life experience specialist. I fully meet the requirements and I am a good candidate for the position of a basketball coach for your organization.
Since I really love children and want that they lead a healthy lifestyle, I want to teach them the basics and understanding, the best ball game in the world.
My 25 years of playing and 3 years of coaching experience, allows me to fully transfer knowledge in the field of basketball and physical development. And I am absolutely sure that I can pass to children all my love for basketball.
I would be grateful if you can find an opportunity to view my portfolio. If you need more information, you can contact me anytime.

Teaching Basketball - China Plus

So lovely seeing people take interest in teaching!. You should really head over to the China Plus Profile and contact them instead, that's gonna be way faster than waiting for them to contact you.

Basketball Coach Job

Hi.I am Goran from Serbia.I am Basketball Coach.I was working in China 2 years.I have experience and Bachelor Deegre of Education.I am curently in Nanjing.Can we cooperate?

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