How to add your Supply & Demand page on the WorldSupporter platform

  • First, read some previous requests and offers on the 'Supply & Demand' magazine
  • Second, register and log in. Only registered users can add and comment on contributions
  • On your personal magazine you will find the 'add content' button or
  • Go to the menu bar under 'add & find'; choose 'supply & demand'; choose 'add your own request or offer'

You can add a short request, jobposting or demand concerning the following four categories:

1. Manpower

  • Does your organization or the organization you support extra manpower? Create a manpower request for paid work, volunteer work or internships.
  • Give a brief description to attract attention and to specify the type of work you are offering
  • Add a link to the requesting organization for more information
  • Example: Reading Teacher Elementary Central School
  • Example: Help us picking Fair Trade permaculture Cacao during the harvest season in Colombia (board and lodging)

2. Products

  • Are you looking for second hand (travel) products for yourself or an organization? Add your request for 'products' here.
  • Example: I am organizing a fundraiser for a children's hospital, donate product for the auction.
  • Example: I am doing an art project on 'old school Travel' and seek for used Lonely planet travel guides
  • Example: We are looking for someone to take over our Hostel in de Peruvian Andes

3. Knowledge

  • Request information and experiences from other World Supporters
  • Students use this category to request certain course or book summaries from other students
  • Example: I am setting up a business in Morocco, does anyone have experience with local authorities in Fez?
  • Example: Next course I need to study Marketing, who has an English summary of 'Introduction to Marketing' by Kotler?
  • Example: Does anyone have the exams of last year course 'Neuropsychology' at Leiden University?

4. Paperwork

  • When you are planning to emigrate or to take a Gap Year you will face a lot of paperwork. Use this category to ask others for advice
  • Want to help others? Supply your knowledge and experience in this category
  • I plan to do volunteer work in Laos, do I need to apply for a volunteer visa or can I enter the country on a tourist visa?
  • What insurance would allow me to hepl building a new primary school in Senegal?


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