Super Easy Cold Tomato Ramen


This is a recipe I received from my japanese friend Yusuke. He said it's a great summer dish. I haven't made it yet, but I'm passing it on to you so everyone can try it!

Step 1: 

Mix the tomato sauce, miso, olive oil, salt, pepper and water and put it in the fridge, or add ice blocks. 

Step 2: 

Mix the basil paste and the vinegar for the garnish

Step 3: 

Boil the ramen and when finished, rinse them in cold water so they become cold

Step 4: 

Put on the garnish and then finish of by cutting the tomato and putting it on top. 


Number of Persons: 
100 gr tomato sauce
10 gr miso
10 cc olive oil
black pepper
250 cc water
Table spoon basil paste
vinegar 20 cc
1 tomato


Recipe of hannahlow
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Let's talk about FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD :D Last week I posted a blog about Ecuadorian Fruits :D which described all kinds of super delicous Frutas, this week I will tell you about Japanese food. Japan is famous for it's elaborate and delicious kitchen. The food is fresh, beautiful, tasty and usually healthy, but if you don't know the names of dishes it's hard to figure out what to get and where to get it. 

So, let me tell you about some general dishes you can find everywhere, and some specific dishes found in specific regions: 

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