Super Easy Cold Tomato Ramen


This is a recipe I received from my japanese friend Yusuke. He said it's a great summer dish. I haven't made it yet, but I'm passing it on to you so everyone can try it!

Step 1: 

Mix the tomato sauce, miso, olive oil, salt, pepper and water and put it in the fridge, or add ice blocks. 

Step 2: 

Mix the basil paste and the vinegar for the garnish

Step 3: 

Boil the ramen and when finished, rinse them in cold water so they become cold

Step 4: 

Put on the garnish and then finish of by cutting the tomato and putting it on top. 


Number of Persons: 
100 gr tomato sauce
10 gr miso
10 cc olive oil
black pepper
250 cc water
Table spoon basil paste
vinegar 20 cc
1 tomato


Recipe of hannahlow

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