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Travel & Move: 
Don't have the time to stay weeks at a project? Travel more consciously, stay with locals, assist in projects and eat like the locals do!
Experience & Leisure: 
Being part of volunteering projects was a great experience to gain more insight in how other people on this planet live!
Learn & Develop: 
By connecting volunteers and organizations I hope to contribute to international development and global awareness
Help & Change: 
I help to connect projects and volunteers to find a great match
Work & Initiate: 
By promoting local projects and initiatives I hope to further inspire people to support local NGOs, make a difference while staying abroad and starting new projects themselves
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Why live in Qatar why emigrate to Qatar or stay for a long time?

Why should you live in Qatar as an expat, emigrant or working nomad?

  • Because there are many other expats and many expat activities are organized. 
  • Because you broaden your horizons by learning about totally different customs and rules. 
  • Because people speak Engli...