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Travel & Move: 
The one month India was by far the most special trip in my life!
Experience & Leisure: 
In my free time I love to hang out with friends & play sports; hockey, tennis and golf.
Learn & Develop: 
After my havo (Higher General Secundairy Education in English) I wanted to do something next to all the lounchie beach days and the long party nights, so i decided to go with Projects Abroad to India.
After this summer i started my VWO (Pre-university Secondary Education) and I'm now in my final year!
Help & Change: 
Hi there, My name is Marina ten Heggeler. I live in The Netherlands, in Blaricum (nearby Amsterdam). My family and I love to travel around the world so I am used to it since my childhood!
I love kids. Last summer I graduated from highschool (HAVO) and further to the many graduation parties , I went to India for a month to give English and Math in a orphanage school. One of the coolest things I have ever done/ This summer I want to go to the Philippines to be a volunteer again. By the way, im the girl on the right @picture.
Work & Initiate: 
The only work I do at the moment is babysitting because I need to study hard!
My Latest Activity
Water balloon challenge

Education Category: Games Ages: A game I did one day with the kids was this water balloon chalenge game. We made 100 balloons and in the first round everybody needed to pare in groups of 2. They were so excited because we had stayed the whole day inside because of the typhoon, that the paring was a...


This were 2 little boys who were playing music on the beach when we were eating. They were very very good! Especially because the stuff they justed to make the music, were hand made. We talked with them for a while and they told us that they played there every night for a little bit money to buy som...


The movie Frozen is very populair in the Philippines! The kids knew all the songs from the movie and 'Let It Go' was there favorite. They were singing it all day long! They told me that the song was written by a FILIPINO-American and you could see how proud they were about it!

The typhoon

When I was in Manilla I experianced a typhoon. I made a short video with my mobile phone but couldn't stay longer outside because it was to dangerous! The name of this typhoon is Glenda/Rammasum. For Dutch people a small post I got from about the typhoon; Tyfoon Glenda treft Filipijnen 17 ju...