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Travel & Move: 
Whether you go for an internship abroad or travel in your summer holiday - experience life from a different perspective when submerging yourself in another culture!
Experience & Leisure: 
I have experienced what effect an internship can have on learning how to apply the theory learned in class to the reality of an organization itself
Learn & Develop: 
Internships are a great way to develop your skills, explore new organizations and cultures and experience what kind of job you would like to do after graduating
Help & Change: 
I support students going abroad to experience other cultures by doing their internship abroad
Work & Initiate: 
I initiate development by sharing new ideas, internship opportunities abroad and skill tickets to make the most of your internship experience
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Werkzaamheden & Ervaringen Werkzaamheden in het kort: o.a.

  • Heb jij ervaring in de hospitality-sector en wil jij wat extra ervaring opdoen en ook nog een mooie periode op Curaçao beleven? Dan zijn er verschillende mogelijkheden via deze organisatie.
  • Functies die kunn...

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