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Mini CV
Travel & Move: 
Traveling and moving ...
something our ancestors did to survive, and something that we now do to discover this beautiful planet. The biggest emotions and the most important memories that I have got when I left home, I filled my backpack with what was necessary, and I threw myself into the unknown. It is not easy, and it is not for everyone, because this is a lifestyle. I travel to grow, I travel to learn, I travel to love and I travel with respect.
Experience & Leisure: 
Sports, any type of sports. With sport many barriers are left aside, and friendship bonds are easily created.
Every time I visit a new country I try to be part of a sports team, then my teammates become my friends and then they open the doors of their house for a dinner with a good conversation.
Learn & Develop: 
I know a lot about the first Latin American civilizations, and I can read or watch any documentary about them.
I am very interested in rescuing all the cultural aspects of them and I like to teach those who are willing to learn about them.
Help & Change: 
I try to help people to have more respect for each other, for their history, customs and culture.
I also like to connect people who have the same way of seeing the world so that together they can create projects with a certain social impact.
Work & Initiate: 
I participated in the cleaning and recovery of a dirty space and contaminated lagoons on a small island in Malaysia. We also teach children and adults to keep these spaces clean for their own benefit.


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