Title: A Volunteer's Musings
A Volunteer's Musings


See youtube link here for video:

Compassion. I wanted to make people see the world through my eyes, that no matter how much I am dissatisfied with the society, there is still hope. We could still do something in spite of it. As a millennial, I wanted to use technology as a resource and means of opening the eyes of people of what is reality. I don’t believe that we should fully impose the strong ideals to form a reality, just like past generations do, because I think that their ideals do not fully work or cannot possibly be fully achieved. But rather we should also be forgiving, as we see people facing harsh realities with almost no hope or means to change it. I think we should rather drive our ideals from what is happening today and to work on it wholesomely as change and progress should reflect in an economic situation, and in the spiritual and mentality of the people. We also continuously work on it slowly but constantly until we achieve a sustainable future, for the present and the future generations to come. I think that what is not working should be changed for the better, and we should utilize all honorable means to achieve betterment.

Me in Action. Photo by Therese Talbo

Thus, I made this video entitled “Volunteer’s Musings” which premiered on Smokey Tours’ Youtube and Facebook page last 19 December 2018. It particularly showcased the Christmas program for the children in BASECO, Manila, which was spearheaded by Natsuko Watanabe, with approval from Juliette Kwee and Ella Daalderop, Smokey Tours founder and Tours Manager. Smokey Tours tour leader Tessie Reyes was also there, including interns Deanne Gonzales and Therese Talbo. The video also showcased some snippets of me in video, but the narration is also voiced and written by me. The Christmas program consisted of an origami workshop, games, coloring workshop, and food and donation distribution. Furthermore, I made this video because I wanted to give other people a chance to help out, and for them to find the joy I also found when I volunteered. I made this video in hopes of promoting social responsibility and compassion, that if we are to make the world a better place, we should do it all together.

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