Title: Beee creative!
Beee creative!

Beee creative!

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Beee creative!

Beee creative!

During my journey through Uganda I’ve seen some wonderful things. But we’ve also got into contact with the local people.

Those people have shown us the way they live, the way they cook but also what they do in their spare time… most of the times this is sport… But sometimes they also make little things, which later on could be sold for a little amount of money.


I have seen with how less materials they need to make a nice object. So therefore I have designed this “paper chain” for which you need no glue!



  • a pair of scissors
  • some paper (probably sized A4)


I have added a PDF file in which I have put some photos, so you can always check it, to make sure you do it right.

I will number the following steps according to the numbers in the added document.



  1. Take some paper and a pair of scissors.

Note: For the paper I have used size A4, You can also use some other size, at least it will be necessary to make strokes of paper from it.

2. Fold the paper halfway so that it will form 2 equal sides. Keep it closed.

3. Fold the paper another time in the middle, in the same direction as you have just done at step 2.

4. Fold the paper one last time in the same direction.

5. Now fold the paper open, you will have 8 equally divided strokes of paper.

6. Cut these strokes of paper, so that they aren’t attached to each other anymore.

7. You will have 8 loose strokes of paper.

8. Fold one end (in the length) double, so that the sides will both be equal size.

9. Make a little cut (about ½ to 1 centimetre from the side) on the side that the folding line is situated. This cut will need to be a maximum of 1 centimetre deep.

10. Fold it open again and make a little cut on the other side of the stroke of paper. This cut will also need to be about ½ to 1 centimetre from the side and will also be about 1 cm deep. (This can be a little bit else, depending on the size of paper you have chosen.)

11. Make this little cut also across from the previous one, just exactly on the other side. (see picture 11)

12. Fold the 2 rare ends together.

13. Put this fold end into the other end of the stroke (the hole you had cut at step 9).

14. Get this fully through the hole and fold it open again, so that it will be stuck and will not get out again.

15. You can continue to make more of these. Before putting the fold end into the hole at step 13, you can get the paper through a finished ring, so that they will be attached to each other.

16. You can cut the loose ends at the “fold end” and the “hole”. Be aware that this will make your chain a little bit looser

17. This is your finished chain. You can always make it longer!


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