Title: A Europe trip
A Europe trip

A Europe trip

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A Europe trip

A Europe trip


Education Category: Language, Geography
Ages: 8-12, 12-16

This easy and fun game learns kids something about the countries in Europe while it teaches them some more English skills. It focuses on words that have something to do with words that have something to do with travelling and countries.

Before the lesson starts you have to make sure you know at what level the kids are aproximately, if you should work with words as inhabitants or just people for example. Then you prepare the cards that the kids will work with, every card is a country, the number of cards depends on how many kids there are. Make the cards colourful and with some drawings, so that little will also like it. Colour the flag and write some basic information about each country, write stuff like, they have a Queen, this country is very big or in this country they use the Euro.

Begin by introducing the game, I brought it as a great adventure, asking the kids who had ever been to Europe, nobody had but I told them: Today we will all go there, we are going to travel around Europe! Than give every kid one or two cards and tell them to read it carefully, you will tell a story about how you go to the airport and take an aeroplane to a country. Than you'll discribe that country by for example calling of the colours in the flag, or saying: "This country has a King.", or: "This country has a lot of mountains." Those keywords you can write on the blackboard with their translation, when the kids think you are talking about a country that they have, they have to raise their hand and say: "This is my country.". When that is right you can ask the to read all the information on the card and than you can take it away. When you have done all the countries the game is at an end but you might want to go over the words another time to make sure they remember them!

To learn the kids something about the countries in Europe while they practise their English skills. The focus lays on spesific words that have something to do with travelling and countries, such as flag; king; queen; money; capital; inhabitants etc. 

The aim is to speak English during the whole lesson, sometimes translating into the kids their language (in my case Spanish). The kids will learn in a playfull way about the countries in Europe, how big they are, what their capital is and what colours their flag has.

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