Beautiful Onyinye - P Square
Beautiful Onyinye - P Square

This song is one of the songs I used for making my video about Malawi. It is a song we used to listen to in Malawi as well and when one of the local volunteers put together a cd with popular local music, this song was one of the them. These artists (P Square) are quite popular there and you here their songs a lot on the radio.

P Square is a Nigerian R&B duo consisting of two twin brothers. They also did songs together with Akon. They have won some awards for their songs including 2 MTV Africa Music Awards (source: Wikipedia). You should check them out they have really nice music, not completely English but not completely non-understandable either. It's a nice mix of African influences and "western" influences. However, the women in the clip are portrayed in a very stereotypical (submissive) way as well as that beautiful is seen as lighter coloured women only, which is quite discriminative. So the song is not very spectacular in itself but it's worth a visit on youtube.


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